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Corporate University. Score 360/180

This article describes the Score 360/180 in the "Corporate University" application based on Bitrix 24 from Novus-HCM.

Section with ratings

The ratings section is available only to application moderators.

To open a feedback section, press the element

The scoring section looks like this:

The main page of the 360 Grades section contains the following elements:

1 - Select the grade or multiple grades to delete.

2 - Employee being evaluated. Clicking opens the employee's profile.

3 - The name of the evaluation. Clicking opens the rating.

4 - Timing of the assessment.

5 - Evaluation status (published, draft).

6 - Element for editing the score.

7 - Element to remove the rating.

Create an estimate

Creating a 180/360 rating is only available to app moderators.

Click on the plus sign to create a rating.

Fill out the “Feedback” tab:

  • Name (required field) - enter the name of the assessment

  • Description (optional field) - enter a description for the rating

  • Add assessed - you can select only one employee from the list

  • Add evaluators - you can select any number of employees who will evaluat

Fill out the “Competencies” tab, i.e. the competencies subject to feedback:

Add a competence to the “Competencies” field, then add rating parameters in the “180/360 degree feedback” block:

The entered competencies and rating parameters can be added to the competencies library for facilitating the process of adding rating competencies in future:

Each indicator has points: from 0 and further in increments of ten points. The topmost indicator has 0 points, the second has 10 points, and so on.

Employee evaluation

After creating and publishing an assessment, the employees who evaluate it will have this assessment in their personal account in the My assessments section.

To rate an employee, click on a rating name and rate an employee by suggested competencies through selecting competence parameters entered when a rating was created.

Assessment results

Rating results are available to the App Moderator only. To view the results, open a rating and the “Results” tab.

The assessment results are presented in the form of a table with the assessments given by each assessee for each competency::

Average - the average value is calculated taking into account the results of self-assessment;

Average* - calculates the average value without self-assessment.

The App automatically generates a cobweb diagram.

Rating results can be saved in SVG, PNG or CSV:

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