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Corporate University. Study groups, closed groups

This article describes study groups, closed groups in the "Corporate University" application based on Bitrix 24 from Novus-HCM.

Study groups are designed to separate the flow of students and restrict access to courses / tests. When participants, courses/tests are added to the study group, these courses/tests become available only to the participants added to the group.

Through the extranet of the group, it is also possible to organize training for external users by closing internal courses / tests from them.

There are two ways to create a group:

1. Create from scratch;

2. Create from an existing group in Bitrix.

Creating a group from scratch:

А) Click on the plus sign to create a group

B) Fill in the card: name of the group; group description; date of granting access; access closing date; members of the group; tests/courses, how to add to a group.

There are two ways to add to a group (in the application) - adding to a group by a user with administrator rights (adding is done automatically, without an invitation) and an invitation to a group - performed by a moderator who does not have admin rights. In this case, an invitation to the user to the group will be sent, and after the invitation is approved, the user will be added to the group.

Creating a group from an existing one in Bitrix:

To select an existing group from Bitrix, click the Select button, select a group from Bitrix and click the Add button.

After adding an existing group, the Group Name and Group Description fields will be filled with values from the group in Bitrix and are not available for editing. The composition of the group members will also correspond to the group members from Bitrix.

The composition of the participants will be exactly the same as in the group in Bitrix.

It should also be borne in mind that if a group is not connected by an admin, then he must be either a moderator or the owner of this group. Only in this case, he will be able to create a study group based on the one in Bitrix, as well as make changes to it.

C) For all employees who have been added to the group, the group will appear in the Personal Account in the My groups section. Clicking on a group will open the available tests/courses.

You can discuss how applications work in a specially created forum. Find the application you need, select your language and write a comment.

In the FAQ section you can find answers to frequently asked questions.

For any questions, you can also write to us through the feedback form.

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