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Idea management. Adding an idea

This article describes how to add an idea in the "Idea Management" application based on Bitrix 24 from Novus-HCM.

Standard option for adding an idea

By clicking the element

you can open an Idea Adding Card. It has a common form for each employee, and is displayed as follows:

The Card consists of the following elements and fields:

- back to idea list on the Homepage (changes are not saved).

WARNING! Please note that by clicking “Back” in your browser you quit the app and go back to your Bitrix24, but not to the previous page in the App.

- “Idea name” field. Please enterthe name in a form easy for people to find. Avoid letters and numbers (for example, “Idea A21”).

- choose an idea contest and submit an idea to participate in the idea contest.

- category and subcategory of suggested idea. This field is optional. If filled, it allows filtering ideas by specific fields and getting to the necessary fields quicker, as well as forming reports in specific directions.

The categories are set by moderator in the app settings.

This field can be viewed on the idea card only when categories and subcategories are set by moderator through the app settings.

Each category can be set with a coordination mode or added with employees who are to coordinate the ideas. Coordination modes can be selected in the app settings (see App Settings section).

If a category without set coordination modes or employees added is selected, nothing happens, and an employee should add coordinators and approves manually.

If a category is set with a coordination mode, a pop-up notification for a mode selection is displayed.

If you select “Appointed by me”, an employee should add the coordinators and the approver manually on the idea adding card.

If “Add a coordination mode” is selected, the employees added by the moderator when setting up the app are automatically added to the idea adding card (namely, to the card section intended for adding coordinators and an approver).

When submitting an idea, if a category is selected that has access restrictions, only those employees who have access to this category will be able to see this idea. For more information about this functionality, see section 7.2. "Categories".

- “Issue”. In this field an employee describes the problem that a proposed idea is to solve.

- “Proposed solution” is a field for describing an idea itself.

- “Expected result”. In this field an employee describes a target state after idea implementation.

“Additional comments”. This field should be filled in if an employee wants to add some details. You can enter “No comments” in case you have nothing to add to the issue.

- scoring evaluation section of a proposed idea (express evaluation of an idea by the employee who added it). The employee is to conduct scoring evaluation based on the following criteria:

  • Applicability is evaluation of the practical value of using the idea for a company. The following options are available: Very High, High, Medium, Low, Very Low.

  • Feasibility is evaluation of the possibility of idea implementation. The following options are available: Very High, High, Medium, Low, Very Low.

  • Performance is an estimated financial result of the proposed idea implementation. The following options are available: Economy / additional revenue of up to 1 000 USD per year; Economy / additional revenue of up to 10000 USD per year; Economy / additional revenue of up to 100 000 USD per year; Economy / additional revenue of up to 500 000 USD per year; Economy / additional revenue of up to 1000000 USD per year; Economy / additional revenue of minimum 10 000 000 RUB per year.

There evaluation criteria are pre-set but can be changed in the app settings, including adding any desired criteria for idea evaluation. See the section App Settings for more information.

- a section for adding Coordinators and Approvers. You can choose any employee.

Coordination depends on an idea. If an idea is approved by a joint body it can be added to Coordinators, while the chairman of a joint body can be appointed as Approver. Please refer to App Roles section for further details on the roles.

You can select a concurrent or sequential coordination mode. If concurrent coordination is selected, the idea is sent for coordination to all employees. If sequential coordination is selected, the idea is coordinated In the sequence defined by an employee’s position on the list of coordination.

If a category / subcategory with a set group of coordinators is selected, such coordinators are added automatically when selecting a relevant category / subcategory.

In addition, you have an option of deleting any of the employees added automatically and adding any other employee, as well as alter the sequence of the employees if sequential coordination mode is selected.

When idea is sent for coordination an employee chosen as Coordinator or Approver gets a bell notification in his Bitrix24:

These notifications are also displayed on the Live Feed, and a task is set automatically in your Bitrix24.

- tags are keywords that can be used for searching ideas.

- active elements.

  • By clicking “Save draft” you save an idea as a draft without sending it for coordination. It is available to the author of idea when clicking “My ideas” on the Homepage as well as on an idea list.

  • By clicking “Send for coordination” you send an idea to coordinate it among the employees that have been added by the author of idea. The idea is simultaneously sent to each of the coordinators.

  • By clicking “Cancel” you can unadd the idea. If an idea has already been added you can cancel the latest changes.

Idea card is available on Top menu of the app by clicking the element and then pressing “View” on the idea card.

Idea card has the following elements:

  • “History” is an element for displaying all actions done with a selected idea. It is automatically recorded.

  • “Coordinate” is available only to Coordinator. The idea is coordinated by a selected employee.

  • When clicking “Send back for revision”, a pop-up window is displayed:

Simplified form of adding an idea

By clicking an element

the simplified version of the idea card opens:

The required fields are:

  • Name of idea;

  • Proposed solution - the description of idea.

When you record an idea it will be added to the Database with the status "Approved" and in the future you can add any changes to it, add approvals and start approval process, add tasks, etc.

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