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Idea management. Notification system

This article describes the notification system in the "Idea Management" application based on Bitrix 24 from Novus-HCM.

You get notifications to your Bitrix24 (displayed under a bell symbol in the top-right corner) on the following:

  • On any actions with the idea – the author of the idea is notified.

  • When an employee is set as a coordinator or an approver.

  • When a task is set, and a task performer is appointed – a task performer is notified.

  • On appointing of a moderator and removing from moderators – a relevant employee is notified.

The following notifications are replicated on the Live Feed of your Bitrix24 portal:

  • to all – when an idea is posted (approved);

  • to coordinators – when an idea is sent to “On coordination” stage;

  • to approver – when an idea is sent to “On approval” stage.

A Task on coordination / approval of idea is automatically assigned to the coordinators and the approver in Bitrix24.

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