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Idea management. Roles in the application

This article describes the roles in the "Idea Management" application based on Bitrix 24 from Novus-HCM.

The following roles can be attached in the app:

  • User that can add ideas as an author, and coordinate and approve ideas if chosen as Coordinator and/or Approver by the author of idea.

  • Bitrix portal administrator that has access to the app settings, appoints Moderator, and can edit and delete any ideas.

  • App Moderator is appointed by a portal administrator. He can delete, edit and archive any ideas.

  • Coordinator is a user appointed by the author of idea to coordinate ideas. Several Coordinators can be appointed. Coordination is completed when each of the appointed users carries out an idea coordination. When idea is coordinated by a user, his name is ticked green on the idea card.

  • Approver is a user appointed by the author of idea who carries out an idea approval and adds tasks to an idea.

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