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Ideas management

App for collecting ideas, organizing process of their assessment and implementation. Engage intellectual potential of your employees!

Collection and bank of ideas

  • Submitting ideas. The system for collecting ideas is simple and intuitive. Adding files. Simplified format for adding ideas.

  • Restrict access to ideas.

  • Ideas contests. Possibility to organize a collection of ideas within the framework of an idea competition.

  • Scoring system. Rapid assessment of proposed ideas effectiveness (there is no need to think about complex methods for assessing of ideas effectiveness). Implement your own criteria for evaluating ideas.

  • Bank of ideas: full-text search in the base; various filtering ideas; adding to favorites.

Coordination and approval

  • Flexible system of coordination and approval. Suitable for any organization and any type of coordination.

  • The ability to create any coordination routes (combinations of sequential and parallel coordination), approval by collegial bodies.

  • Archiving ideas.

Discussion, gamification and evaluation of ideas

  • Discussion of ideas.

  • Likes (or a ten-point system for evaluating ideas).

  • Notification system.

  • Gamification module in the form of a gift shop. The ability to motivate participants for the actions performed in the app. The module is fully customizable: name, points for actions, gifts. The system of accounting for the issuance of gifts.

Implementation of ideas

  • Bundle of ideas with tasks of your Bitrix24. Each idea is transformed into one or several tasks with responsible and deadlines - approved ideas will not remain unimplemented.

  • As the tasks are completed idea status changes, all task statuses are reflected in the idea statuses.

Other possibilities

  • Reporting.

  • Deep integration with Bitrix24, including employees, tasks.  

  • No restrictions on number of employees.

  • Reliable architecture, mobile version, modern technology stack.

  • 365/24/7 support, available in: Russian, English, Vietnamese, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, French.

Application links



Box version (for Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan)

  • Until the end of 2021 for free, then by subscription to Bitrix24.Market


Box version (for all countries except Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan)

  • Up to 3 ideas - free

  • Up to 10 ideas:

    • 1 month - 20 USD.

    • 3 months - 52 USD.

    • 6 months - 79 USD.

  • Unlimited:

    • 1 month - 23 USD.

    • 3 months - 60 USD.

    • 6 months - 103 USD.


Local version

You can order an individual version of the app for the purpose of further development. Drop us your request for a personalized offer.

For information on how to purchase an application, what types of applications exist and answers to other questions see the FAQ .

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