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Affordable and simple IT-solutions
to develop the potential of people

Deep integration with Bitrix 24

For companies -

improving the efficiency of human capital

HR-solutions for talent management based on Bitrix 24
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About us

in HR-,
learning processes
and employee development:
  • Hundreds of completed educational projects

  • Dozens of designed, automated processes and systems in the field of HR, employee training and development

  • Our clients are of all sizes around the world in all sectors of the economy

  • Carefully and accurately with great attention to established processes and practices, the specifics of corporate culture

  • We design, implement new processes, run transformations and changes

Implementation team.
Huge experience, know how to drive changes and love what we do.
О нас

Benefits of our IT-solutions

Integration with Bitrix24
  • Deep integration with your Bitrix 24 portal

  • Tasks, employees, calendars, groups, knowledge bases and more

  • Just install the app to your Bitrix 24 portal and start using it right away

Modern technology stack
  • Modern development technologies, mobile version, safe and reliable architecture, data encryption, quick bug fixes

Low cost
  • Rich functionality, technical support and advice on methodology, modern technologies at affordable prices.

Comprehensive support
  • Support 365/24/7. An up-to-date user manual, user forum is always available. You can ask questions by mail, phone in terms of using the application and HR processes and methodologies.

  • Multilingual - apps and user manuals translated into 11 languages.

Rich functionality
  • Up to 90% of the required functionality. According to numerous analyzes, comparisons with peers and competitors carried out by our clients

  • Thanks to our openness, we constantly receive a large number of proposals for the development of functionality, the overwhelming majority of which we implement

Our Apps

корпоративный университет.jpg

Application for organizing distance learning and testing, assessment of employees and external users. Create an educational ecosystem based on Bitrix24!​

управление идеями.jpg

Application for collecting ideas, organizing the process of their assessment and implementation. Engage the intellectual potential of your employees!

лучшие практики.jpg

Application for capturing best practices and controlling their replication. Distribute Best Practices effectively!

извлеченные уроки.jpg

An application for capturing lessons and implementing changes based on them. Experience learning and changes in action!

часто задаваемые вопросы.jpg

Application for creating a corporate knowledge base in the "question-answer" format. Build a knowledge base of frequently asked questions!

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