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Картина на холсте

Corporate university

App for organizing distance learning and testing, assessment of employees and external users. Create an educational ecosystem based on Bitrix24!

Online learning

  • Flexible course builder. Fast and easy with Drag &Drop technology create learning programs of any complexity.

  • The most popular lesson formats: SCORM, video, PPT and PDF in convenient viewing modes.

  • Methodological materials. Add additional methodological materials to the courses.

  • Links. Create links to articles and training materials in the Bitrix knowledge base or on external sources.


Offline learning

  • Accounting of external educational events. Accounting in a single system: participants and format of the event, provider. Functionality to collect feedback from participants.

  • Internal educational events. Functionality to add to Bitrix calendar, select participants, add a description and a link to the webinar. After the event - collect feedback.


 Testing module

  • All types of questions: alternative answers; multiple choice; restoration of correspondence; sequence assembly; open questions. Possibility of setting weights for questions.

  • Import / export hundreds of pre-prepared questions from a special Excel template.

  • A lot of parameters setting: passing score; test interval; availability of test results; on/off commenting; difficulty levels; mixing/not mixing questions and answers; on/off feedback form; issue/not issue a certificate and many other parameters.



  • Manual assignments. Manually assign training or testing, with a choice of employees, courses/tests. Indication of deadlines. Assignments automatically create tasks for employees in Bitrix.

  • Automatic assignment to new employees. Set up training or testing for all new employees automatically.

  • Automatic assignments. Create a periodic assignment to employees. For example, assign a certain course to employees of a certain department every year.



  • Study groups. App is integrated with Bitrix groups, so you can create training groups based on your Bitrix. Groups can be created both in the app and import current ones.

  • Group features: discussions; tasks; surveys; knowledge base; calendar; various access levels. You can easily organize inter-module work, post-training support, etc.

  • Differentiation of student flows. By adding a specific test or course to a group, you will limit visibility of this test/course only to members of this group.

  • Training of external users. If the group is external, then you can arrange access to a specific course/test for external users, while they will not see anything else.


Competence management

  • Competence profile. Flexible constructor for creating a competence profile. You can create absolutely any profile from any area of the economy.

  • Competence model. Flexible templates for creating competency models, consisting of competencies, indicators, appraisals.

  • Competence base. Create your own database of profiles and models of competencies. Built-in approval processes.


Individual development plans

  • Flexible templates. They allow to choose a mentor, developing competencies, developing activities, deadlines. Monitor development process.

  • Creation and access settings. Configure authors and availability of the employee's IDP.


180/360-degree feedback

  • Flexible models. Organize 180/360 assessment on corporate, management, soft, team and other competencies. Extranet (external) users can participate in assessments.

  • Large-scale feedbacks. Organize mass assessments.

  • Evaluation results. Automatically calculated; results can be commented; published in the employee's personal account.



  • Customizable certificates. You can upload your own template and customize output data.


Feedback questionnaires

  • Pre-configured questionnaire. Pre-configured feedback questionnaire with the most popular questions.

  • Setting up. Create several types of questionnaires for different types of events. Customize the output of the feedback questionnaire for each course, tests, external/offline meetings.

  • Reporting. Based on the results of filling out feedback questionnaires, reports are generated for moderators.


Gamification and engagement

  • Ratings of courses and tests. Rate courses and tests.

  • Commenting. Open commenting on tests and courses.

  • Employee rating. Flexible system of levels with statuses and assignment of points for actions.



  • Built-in advanced search, tags, sections.



  • Eight types. Different types of pre-configured reports cover all the needs for monitoring of learning and employee development processes.


Other features and parameters

  • Mobile version. App is adaptive and opens correctly on any devices.

  • On premise and cloud Bitrix 24. Our app works on any Bitrix.

  • Deep integration with Bitrix. App is deeply integrated with Bitrix 24.

  • Simple and easy to run. App is intuitive with presence of hints. There is no need for expensive and complex implementations, settings. Once installed it can be used immediately.

  • Technologies and data. Modern technology stack. Data is stored in your Bitrix portal.

  • Multilingual. Each user can choose a language that is comfortable for themselves. Available in following languages: Russian, English, Vietnamese, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, French, Ukrainian.



  • Russia and Belarus. In Russia and Belarus app is distributed by subscription to Bitrix.Marketplace.

  • All other countries of the world. The maximum plan is $599 per year.

  • What is included. All modules are included, no restrictions on number of users, on number of courses, tests and no restrictions at all.


Technical support

  • 24/7/365.

  • User manual with a detailed description of functionality is available via link.


App links

  1. Domain ru

  2. Domain com

  3. Domain by


Local version

You can order an individual version of the app for the purpose of further development. Drop us your request for a personalized offer.

For information on how to purchase an app, what types of apps exist and answers to other questions see the FAQ .

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