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Corporate University. Adding a test

This article describes how to add a test in the "Corporate University" application based on Bitrix 24 from Novus-HCM.

Tests are designed to test the knowledge gained. They can be used both as part of courses in the form of intermediate or final testing, and independently, without reference to lessons, courses.

Adding a test is available only to the application moderator.

There are two ways to add a test:

  • Through the interface for adding a test when clicking on an element

  • By importing from a prepared test in an Excel template

Adding a test through the interface

When you click on the "Add test" item, a card for adding a test opens. The add test card contains two tabs:

  • Test characteristics;

  • Test questions.

In the "Test characteristics" tab, the descriptive part of the test is entered, in the "Test questions" tab, the questions and answers of the test are entered directly.

The Test Characteristics tab looks like this:

The tab contains the following elements:

- field for entering the name of the test.

- upload test logo. Optional element.

- a field for selecting a directory section. Sections are introduced in advance by the application moderator.

- test description. Typically, the test assignment is entered.

- choice of difficulty level: easy, medium, difficult. This field is informational for employees.

- test subject.

- the number of days after which a new attempt to pass the test is provided in case of unsuccessful passing of the test. If 0 is selected, the attempt is granted instantly.

- the number of displayed questions. 0 - all questions added to the test are displayed. Questions are displayed randomly. For example, if you select the value 10 and if 100 questions are added, the tester will be displayed in random order 10 questions out of 100 questions added to the test. If all questions are displayed, then weights can be set.

- time for testing. The time is indicated in minutes. After the time expires, the test will be stopped..

- percentage of correct answers to pass the test. That is, this is actually a passing score. The percentage is calculated taking into account the weighting factors, if they were asked in the questions.

For example, a passing score of 65% is set.

There were 5 questions, with the following weights: 1 - 10%, 2 - 10%, 3 - 20%, 4 - 20%, 5 - 40%. The user answered the first four answers correctly, the last one answered incorrectly. Points accumulated: (1 * 10 + 1 * 10 + 1 * 20 + 1 * 20 + 0 * 40) = 60%. Accordingly, the test failed.

For example, the user answered correctly to questions 1, 4 and 5, then the points gained are calculated as follows: (10 + 20 + 40) = 70%. Accordingly, the test is passed.

- two options: final, intermediate.

This is an informative field. If you add an independent test, without reference to the course, then select "Final". If the test is part of the course and is located in the middle of the course, then select "Intermediate", if at the end - "Final".

- four options: do not show answers, show graded questions, show questions, answers, grade, show the wrong answer right away.

- checkbox Prohibit returning and changing the answer, if it is checked, the tested person will be forbidden to go back to change the answer.

"Save" button - the test will be saved, but not published. Available only to the application moderator.

"Publish" button - the test will be published and available to employees.

"Cancel" button - test creation will be canceled and you will return to the test directory.

The Test Questions tab looks like this:

It is necessary to directly add test questions in it.

To add a question, click on the plus sign

Then select the question type.

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