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How to organize 360 assessment of employees in Bitrix24


The term "360 degree assessment" was introduced by Ward P. in 1987. Ward defined this method as "the systematic collection of information about the results of an individual or group received from the environment."

The essence of the "360 degrees" method is that the employee is evaluated by his entire working environment: managers, subordinates, colleagues and clients. The result of the evaluation is a rating of the employee's competencies (the measure of compliance with the position is evaluated according to a list of certain characteristics). Thanks to the self-assessment this method can be used as a source of feedback. The employee is evaluated using the 360-degree method by interviewing his entourage: manager, colleagues, subordinates. If other interested parties (customers, suppliers, partners) join the assessment then the 360 method is transformed into 540-degree method.

Depending on the objectives of the assessment both individual competencies of an employee (for example, initiative, conflict, etc.) and a set of competencies can be evaluated: conflict, business acumen, level of technical skills, leadership and group work skills, intelligence, work-life balance, professional honor, etc.

To conduct 360-assessment of employees in Bitrix 24 you can use Corporate University app.

Competence Model Constructor

The app allows not only to organize and conduct a mass or individual 360 assessment, but also to design a model of the organization's competencies, standard positions (competence profiles) based on the competence model.

Competence model

The app has a three-level model. Using this model you can describe completely different models of competencies.

Level 1 - competence. For example, "teamwork".

Level 2 - indicator of demonstration. For example, for the competence "teamwork", "interested in the opinions of other colleagues", "quickly establishes contact and maintains partnerships", etc.

Level 3 - scale. It may be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or demonstrates, does not demonstrate, or bad, average, excellent, etc.

Different values can be set at each level.

If the company has a two-level competence model the same value is entered in the competence and indicators fields.

Competence profiles

A competence profile is a list of competencies related to a specific position in an organization, with an accurate definition of the level of their demonstration.

App allows:

  • create a profile consisting of competencies,

  • select the scale used to evaluate the indicators of demonstration,

  • specify the target level of possession of one or another competence for this profile.

Also there are following options:

  • Send profile for approval;

  • Publish in personal area of employees for whom the profile was created.


Assessment in the app has several stages.

The first stage is formation of list of employees who will participate in assessment. It is very simple and convenient to form lists from structure of company in Bitrix.

The second stage is addition of competencies and a rating scale. It is possible to select from the list of previously added competencies in the Competence Management module or enter new ones manually. And manually entered ones can be saved to the library in order to choose from the list of competencies from library in future.

Evaluation procedure is started after moderator publishes it. Each evaluator gets an assessment in his personal tab then scores.

After all evaluators have set their assessment the app will automatically calculate average with and without self-assessment draw a spider diagram.

Evaluation results can be published in the personal account of evaluated.

Also comments may be added at any stage of assessment.

Very simple, clear, reliable.


Every user can set a personal language. Following languages currently are available:

  • English

  • German

  • Vietnamese

  • Portuguese

  • German

  • French

  • Italian

  • Spanish

  • Russian

  • Ukrainian

  • Polish


Main advantages of the app:

  • Deep integration with Bitrix24;

  • Simple launch;

  • Rich functionality;

  • Simple and intuitive interface;

  • Ease of administration;

  • Modern stack of technologies;

  • Multilingualism;

  • Quick technical support;

  • Ability to adapt solution for specific processes.

Price compared to analogues with similar functionality. Our solution is tens and in comparison with some competitors in hundreds of times cheaper. We didn't make a typo and we didn't make a mistake HUNDREDS OF TIMES CHEAPER.

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