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How to organize collection of ideas in Bitrix 24

If your company implements principles of lean management or a culture of continuous improvement, then our Bitrix 24-based Idea Management app will completely cover tasks of the most fastidious users.

The Idea management app is essentially a crowdsourcing platform on Bitrix 24, which allows you to involve the intellectual potential of your employees into continuous improvement of your processes, products and services.

Let's look at the main features of the app.

Adding of ideas

Ideas can be submitted in an expanded form and in a simplified form. Idea template was developed based on the experience of implementing similar projects in dozens, hundreds of companies around the world.

Idea template is intuitive, simple and convenient.

Even the most complex innovation proposals can be described in the proposed form. Also you may add any additional materials.

Scoring model

App has a built-in scoring model that allows you to evaluate quickly submitted rationalization proposal. Following evaluation criteria are preset:

  • Suitability - assessment of feasibility of implementing an idea;

  • Feasibility - assessment of possibility of implementing an idea;

  • Profitability - assesment of financial results from implementing an idea(estimated).

At the same time you can edit this criteria, add your own or delete them altogether.

Approval routes, categories, accesses

App has built-in mechanisms for coordinating ideas. You can run serial or parallel cordinating process.

At the same time you can create preset routes for certain categories of ideas and adjust them.

You can also restrict access to certain types of ideas.

Commenting and rating

Ideas can be commented and rated, with likes or a five-point scale.

Bank of Ideas in Bitrix 24

According to the created bank of ideas, you can search, filter ideas, including by selected or archived ideas, view statuses, etc.


App allows you to create contests of ideas and collect ideas within the framework of contests.

Implementation of ideas

And the most important thing is of course an implementation of ideas. What is the point of collecting ideas if they are not implemented. Our app is integrated with Bitrix 24 Tasks and allows you to trasform ideas into tasks, monitor their implementation.


Every user can set a convenient language. Following languages are currently available:

1. English

2. German

3. Vietnamese

4. Portuguese

5. German

6. French

7. Italian

8. Spanish

9. Russian

10. Ukrainian

11. Polish

Reporting and notifications

App has a variety of reporting on the activity of employees, departments, statuses of ideas, tasks, including overdue tasks.

App has a convenient customizable notification system.

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