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Corporate University. Reporting

This article describes reporting in the "Corporate University" application based on Bitrix 24 from Novus-HCM.

When clicking on an element

open reports:

Reports are only available to application moderators.

Reports can be generated by:

  • Employees;

  • Subdivisions.

The following types of reports are available in the application:

  • Staff-courses - employees and the courses they take;

  • Course-staff - courses and employees who take them;

  • Employees-tests - employees and the tests they pass;

  • Test-employees - tests and employees who take them.

The status of each test displays information about passing or failing the test, the number of points scored and the passing score. Also, the status displays whether the test was assigned by the moderator - in this case, it will be displayed Assigned or was self-registered, in this case Self-recording is displayed.

In this screenshot, the test was not passed, 0% was scored, while the passing percentage was 90, the student signed up on his own.

In the screenshot below, the test is passed, 100 percent scored, while the passing percentage is 70, the student was assigned the test by the moderator.

If an employee has not passed the test, the following information will be displayed:

  • How many questions out of how many are answered correctly;

  • Questions that are incorrectly answered.

If there were multiple choice questions among the questions, then for these questions correct selected, incorrect unselected, correct unselected and incorrect selected will be marked.

In the screenshot below we have:

  • Answer option 1 is correct and it is selected - i.e. correct answer;

  • Answer option 2 is incorrect, but it is selected - i.e. the answer is incorrect.

  • Answer 3 is correct, but not selected - i.e. the answer is incorrect.

  • Answer 4 is incorrect and not selected - i.e. correct answer;

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For any questions, you can also write to us through the feedback form.

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