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Corporate University. Search

This article describes how the search works in the "Corporate University" application based on Bitrix 24 from Novus-HCM.

The application implements full-text search.

There are two search options:

1. Being in the catalog of tests / lessons / courses, you can enter words in the search bar in a quick search. The search will be performed by the entity in the directory of which we are located, and the found cards will be displayed in the same directory (except for the profile).

2. Advanced Search.

Select search from the menu, a search bar will open:

Enter any search word and click on the magnifying glass. Search results will be displayed:

Search results are displayed in all sections: courses, tests, lessons, users. If nothing is found in any of the sections, then there will be no checkmark in this section.

You can filter the search results by unchecking the section you don't need:

You can discuss how applications work in a specially created forum. Find the application you need, select your language and write a comment.

In the FAQ section you can find answers to frequently asked questions.

For any questions, you can also write to us through the feedback form.

If you notice an incorrect translation on our website or in our applications, please write to us about the error at with the application.

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