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Idea management. Categories of ideas. Access limitation

This article describes the categories of ideas and restricting access to them in the "Idea Management" application based on Bitrix 24 from Novus-HCM.

Editing Categories

This element allows filtering ideas. Add and delete any number of categories and subcategories clicking either “+” or “-“.

In the example, we added the category "Accounting" and the subcategory "IFRS":

Routes for coordinating ideas

You can add coordinators and approver for any category. Press the element

A field for selecting employees will be displayed:

Now add coordinators and an approver by pressing the plus symbol:

You can remove the coordinators added by pressing the X symbol or alter the sequence on the list of coordinators (which is an essential feature for sequential coordination mode).

When adding an idea, if a relevant category is selected, an employee is suggested either to add the employees specified in this field automatically or add the coordinators and an approver manually.

Coordination modes can be selected both for categories and for subcategories. The latest added coordinators substitute the previously added coordinators. Thus, when you selected a category and appointed coordinators, and later select a subcategory and appoint coordinators for this subcategory, the coordinators appointed for the category are substituted with the ones added for the subcategory.

Restricting access to categories of ideas

The moderator has the ability to restrict access to certain categories of ideas. Access is restricted through categories. When selecting employees or departments that have access to this category of ideas, the corresponding employees will see these ideas, they will not be available to others.

The accessibility is edited using the lock symbol next to the category name.

- accessibility for a certain group of people is activated

- the category is available to everyone.

To restrict access, select employees or departments using the plus sign, which will have access to ideas from the desired category.

When the dialog box appears, first select the department, then the employees who will have access to this category.

Confirm your choice with the "Select" button or click cancel if you made a mistake when choosing. The Select Employees dialog box allows you to make changes to the availability of the selected category for participants at any time.

You can exclude participants outside the dialog box by clicking on the cross after the employee's full name in the "Availability" section.

"Accessibility" can be created only for categories. If a subcategory is created for a category for which access restrictions are implemented, then access restrictions apply to it.

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