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Lessons learned. Lesson Based Tasks

This article describes lesson-based tasks in the Lessons Learned application based on Bitrix 24 from Novus-HCM.

Upon approving a lesson, it can be assigned with Tasks. This action is also available on the lesson card:

A task can be assigned only by Approver. Tasks are set only for approved lessons. When “Set a task” button is pressed, a task setting window is displayed:

The tasks set are integrated in the Bitrix24 tasks, and are available on Tasks and Projects section of your Bitrix24:

Tasks can be assigned based on the guidelines on improvements produced by the author of the lesson. Any other tasks can be assigned as well.

To set an improvement task, select a proposed improvement from the list:

Improvements produced by the author of the lesson are displayed here as drop-down list.

When setting a task, the task name should be indicated, the task gist should be briefly described, the executive persons and task deadline should be selected.

If a lesson is assigned with tasks, it is given the following status:

When all tasks are fulfilled, the lesson is given the following status:

On the lesson card:

We recommend archiving implemented lessons.

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