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FAQ. Adding a question

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

How to add a question in the application "Frequently Asked Questions" based on Bitrix24 from Novus-HCM.

To add a new question, click on the item


A card for adding a question opens. It is the same for all employees and looks like this:


The card contains the following elements and fields:

- the "Question text" field. In this field, the employee describes the question directly, you can add emoticons. The field is required.


- the "Files" field for adding files to the question. The "Clear All" button to delete the added files.

- select the category and subcategory of the question. Categories and subcategories are added by the moderator of the application.

- a button for publishing a question.

- the button to cancel the publication of the question. When you click, the entered data will not be saved and the main page of the application will open to the user.

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For any questions, you can also write to us via the feedback form.

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