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How to organize employee training in Bitrix 24

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

There are several theoretical options:

  • Purchase an external LMS system (learning management system) and, further, integrate it with the Bitrix 24 portal.

  • Develop your own corporate training system based on Bitrix 24.

  • Purchase a turnkey solution from Novus-HCM.

In first case you need developers of Bitrix and acquired LMS-system. You will have to develop terms of reference, allocate a budget, implement integration, test it and constantly support two systems.

Even if you look towards an LMS system with implemented API integration with Bitrix24. How stable will this connection be and will not require separate ongoing maintenance? All systems do not stand still and develop...

The second case has unpredictable results with high costs. We have seen such companies. They hired Bitrix partners and tried to develop their own solutions and / or automate process using the regular Bitrix technologies. This always had a bad final - no result, wasted budget and time.

The third option is to purchase a ready-made, deeply integrated with Bitrix 24 solution from Novus-HCM. You can install the app and run training, knowledge testing or 360 assessment in 1 day. Don't need any integration, don't need to launch an implementation project, just install it as an application in your phone, add courses and start learning. Without any restrictions, including number of users. Creating your own corporate university has never been so affordable and easy. Even the smallest company will be able to implement it.

Our app is a full-fledged educational portal that is not inferior, and in some moments even surpasses the best analogues of HCM systems (human capital management). Modern stack of technologies, a convenient and adaptive (including mobile) interface, thoughtful functionality and deep integration with Bitrix are only part of the advantages at very cheapest prices.

Let's take a closer look at what can be implemented using our app.

Employee training

Using our app you can organize online training of your employees on Bitrix 24 by creating learning courses in the following formats:

  • SCORM (any versions of SCORM);

  • Video lessons uploaded to video hosting sites;

  • PDF-files;

  • Longread (a very powerful editor that allows to create complex formatted texts with embedded pictures, videos).

Additionally add to any lesson:

  • Links to external or internal content;

  • Other additional materials.

The course may consist of lessons and tests (intermediate or final). Courses can be assembled from lessons and tests in a very simple and convenient form (drag & drop technology). Some of our users create knowledge bases on certain topics from the courses.


Courses have a large number of settings including:

  • Course logo;

  • Title, subject, purpose, course program;

  • Sections;

  • Tags;

  • Open/close comments;

  • Issue/not issue a certificate after learning;

  • Show feedback questionnaire;

  • Set the sequence of opening modules.

Learning assignment

All courses in the catalog are open by default and are available for self-assignment, but there are situations when you need to assign some kind of learning. Just select an employee, department or group, select courses and that's it.

All employees will receive a notification in the app, in Bitrix, by email, and they will also have a task. Through reports it is easy to monitor the status of such learning.

It is possible to create an automatic learning assignment for beginners. All newly added employees to the portal will be automatically assigned learning. Or create a periodic assignment (once a year, once a month, etc.).


Groups in app are integrated with groups in Bitrix and offer three useful features:

  • Restrict access to courses;

  • Provide support to students BEFORE, DURING and AFTER learning;

  • Provide access to courses/tests to external (extranet) users.

Restricting access to courses

Sometimes some courses need to be closed from public access. This is very easy to do in the app:

  • Create a group (or import any existing one from Bitrix);

  • Add courses to it.

Only employees added to this group will see the courses.

Learning process support

Bitrix itself contains a very good tool - groups. Our app is integrated with Bitrix 24 groups. You can create a group from our app or import existing one.

Bitrix group allows students to:

  • Communicate on the subject of learning;

  • Add learning tasks;

  • Conduct surveys;

  • Add files (for example, additional methodological materials);

  • Plan group events in calendar. Including planning and conducting a video call or webinar using the built-in standard tools of Bitrix 24;

  • Create a knowledge base, wiki pages, longreads.

Bitrix learning group is an opportunity to create a full-fledged learning ecosystem from e-learning platform.

External users

With the help of our app you can organize distance learning of external users. For example, you have partners who need to be trained. At the same time using our app you can restrict access to your Bitrix24 portal. You can even open access to specific courses without opening access to other courses and tests.

Create a group for extranet users, add users and courses/tests that you want to open to them. Done. External users will see only courses and tests added to the group.


App has the ability to upload your own certificate template. Configure the output data and the app will automatically generate a certificate after completing a course. Received certificates will appear in the student's personal account.

Commenting, feedback, gamification

In course settings it is possibile to set up commenting. Any employee will be able to write a comment, others will respond.

Each course can be rated on a five-point scale. It is possible to select displaying a feedback questionnaire after learning. There is a pre-configured questionnaire in the app, but it is possible to change it and add own questions.

Gamification. For the main actions - passing training and testing it is possible to add points that will be calculated automatically and output the employee's rating. Ratings can also be customized.

Recording external and offline events, organization of webinars

The app allows to plan new and take into account past offline and external events, add a feedback questionnaire to them.

In addition, it is possible to schedule a webinar, send an invitation through Bitrix tools and conduct a webinar, and then collect feedback from participants using our app.


The app contains more than 15 standard reports that allow to get any information on the progress of learning.


Every user can set a convenient language. Following languages are currently available:

  1. English

  2. German

  3. Vietnamese

  4. Portuguese

  5. German

  6. French

  7. Italian

  8. Spanish

  9. Russian

  10. Ukrainian

  11. Polish


The main advantages of the app:

  • Deep integration with Bitrix24;

  • Simple launch;

  • Rich functionality;

  • Simple and intuitive interface;

  • Ease of administration;

  • Modern technologies;

  • Multilingual;

  • Quick technical support;

  • Ability to adapt app for your own processes.

The cost compared to analogues with similar functionality. Our solution is tens and in comparison with some competitors, hundreds of times cheaper. We didn't make a typo and we didn't make a mistake HUNDREDS OF TIMES CHEAPER.

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